Rent Gear

Prices per day

Rental time:

24 hours

250 dkk

Per Board

100 dkk

Per Wetsuits


Pick up time:

Drop off time:


In cash at pick-up

As agreed on forehand

24 hours later (or earlier)


Please note that Bornholm Surf Farm has closed down and therefore it is not possible to make any new requests.

At Bornholm Surf Farm you are welcome to rent equipment to go Surfing or SUPing on your own. You do not have to stay at the Surf Farm Hostel to rent gear from us. You always have to make an agreement for picking up your gear in advance since we are unable to assist unannounced drop-ins.


Going Surfing on Bornholm is an exciting experience. Since it's an island you can surf  360 degrees around it. However, the wind and wave directions always determents when and where there might be waves to surf. As a complete beginner we encourage you to start out with a Surf Lesson to learn a bit about what makes for a surfable wave, where to find waves and most importantly, how to stay safe while surfing. 

At Bornholm Surf Farm you can rent Fun boards, Minimals, Longboards and Soft Tops. You can also rent spring and summer wetsuits (4/3 mm) in sizes S-XL. We do not have any winter suits, gloves or boots for rental.

SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle Board and it's a fun water activity and an easy way to see Bornholm from the water side. SUP is suitable for everyone who knows how to swim. Our SUP boards are non-inflatable and very stable to stand on. When renting SUP boards at Bornholm Surf Farm a paddle and a life west is always included. For beginners, instructions will be given at the farm so that you are able to go out on your own.

If you rent the gear for 4 days or longer in a row we can offer you a discount. When sending in your booking request, let us know for how long you would like to rent it and we will get back to you with an offer.

Note that unless you are renting one of our shorter boards you will most likely have to have roof racks on your car and straps to be able to transport the gear with you.


We get a lot of questions about where to go surfing on Bornholm. It is not possible to ask for our help reading forecasts and finding specific spots but we have put together a section in our FAQ to help you get some knowledge about when and where to surfing on Bornholm.