The Entire Hostel

Price per night from

4.500 dkk






14 persons

10 Singles, 2 Doubles

12:00 - 16:00



Please note that the hostel has closed down and that we do not accept any new bookings.


Groups are welcome to book the entire hostel for a private stay. It is also possible to send a request for special arrangements, such as bachelor and bachelorette parties and other kinds of gatherings. We can be of service with breakfast, dinner, accommodation, scheduled activities and play games all according to your wishes. Let us know your desires when sending your request, and we will return with an offer.


Two separate cabins holds ten single-sized bunkbeds (80-100 cm wide) and two double-sized bunkbeds (120 cm wide). If you are more then 14 persons it is also possible to put up tents on a camp site right next to the cabins.


Both cabins are furnished with a sofa, a wood-burning stove and a side-table. The beds are made up with a bedspread, a pillow (incl. pillowcase) and a thin blanket. Guests need to bring their own sleeping bag/duvets and towels. It is not possible to lock the doors to the cabins, but if you bring a small padlock you can store your valuables in a safe box next to each bed.


All guests have access to a shared common room that houses a kitchen area and a lounge area with sofas, a reading corner and a pool table. The kitchen has a small fridge, a stove and some basic cooking tools. It’s adequate for preparing breakfast and simpler meals for lunch and dinner. There is also an outdoor BBQ site where guests have access to a large patio with seating places, hammocks and sun chairs.


In connection to the common room lays the bath and shower room which is also shared with the other guests. Here you will find a zinc bathtub to which you bring heated water in a bucket to wash yourself, and the compost toilet where the waste is composed and reused as fertilization for plants and trees.


The interior on the Surf Farm is designed to constitute a simple way of living. This concept influences the hostel in all aspects.